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Jobs Near Me – How to Snag a job wisely? Find Jobs online for the latest full time or part-time jobs. Many your dream jobs available near home. There are many of employers near you are hiring immediately. Find your next job today!

While the Labor Dept is reporting a decline in unemployment with rates down to 5.9% from the 7.2% last year, there are still many people actively searching for work. Reportedly, there are on average 227,000 jobs added each month since January. So, how can you nab one of those coveted jobs? Snag a Job

1. Stalk Construction Sites. Stand out from the pack by getting information for new companies building in your area. Information can be found through permits posted online, in newspapers or at your city planning office. Sometimes, there is a sign posted at the construction site with pertinent information.

Contact the human resources manager while construction is ongoing, and you will be ahead of the game. I once contacted the human resources office of a company building in my area and the hiring manager was so impressed that he offered me employment at another location until the new site was complete.


2. Create Your Own Job. Use your talents to stream revenue. If you enjoy caring for kids or pets, sign up on a website like to market yourself. If you are an excellent cook, sign up to sell your goods at events like football games or carnivals. If you are creative, build a website and monetize it through services like AdSense or Adbrite. If you are a lawn care specialist, get creative by contacting real estate and property management companies to get started.

Whatever your talent is, think of innovative ways to capitalize on it. If you are constantly asked to help in a certain arena then there is money to be made. Don’t give away your expertise for free. Instead, offer to be a consultant.

3. Request an Informational Interview. Contact an executive at a company that you are interested in and schedule an informational interview. This gives you and the interviewer a stress-free opportunity to get to know each other. You will have the opportunity to learn about the inner workings of the company and even if there is no job available at that moment, you will be on their radar for future positions.

4. Volunteer. Find a volunteer position in your field and sign up. Make yourself indispensable through hard work and dedication. When a paid position becomes available you should have no problem snagging the job.

5. Tell Your Contacts. Tell everyone from former professors to family members to former colleagues that you are looking for work. Many positions are never posted, and I don’t know how many times friends have asked me “do you know someone.” Most times I have no one to refer because I have no clue that someone is actively looking for a job.

*Bonus: Make Social Media Work for You. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. to network and showcase your skills. Remember that these sites work both ways so protect your online reputation.

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